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Keep food fresh.

Hisense Dual-Tech cooling technology provides separate cooling for each of your fridge’s compartments. This not only maintains an ideal temperature for all your food, it also provides you with numerous storage options.


My Fresh Choice Function.

Hisense’s new My Fresh Function provides a whole temperature range to fit your different storage requirements. We have four temperature settings that transform your drawer compartment into a deep freezer, or a fridge, depending on your needs.

Fresh choice

Large capacity freezer

With a large capacity freezer compartment, you’ll have enough space for all your frozen foods and products– including a special slot for pizza boxes.


Cubed ice, crushed ice and cold water.

Hisense’s first French Door Refrigerator equipped with an Auto Icemaker. It produces up to 1.8 kg per day, delivering all the ice you can ask for all day, every day.

Cubed ice

Flexible storage.

Need some extra space for some taller bottles? No problem. With the fold-up glass shelf, all you need to do is slide the front half of the shelf towards the back of the freezer.

Inside fridge